Whistle users need to know before using a whistle.


A whistle is a simple device that produces sound when air is forced through an opening. Their loud, attention-getting blast makes whistles essential for police officers and sports referees. They can save lives when used by lifeguards, lost campers, or crime victims. Innumerable organizers and leaders, ranging from teachers to drum majors, use them to focus attention and demonstrate authority.

Conventional whistles are design to send the sound wave upward position, where it will blast dangerously loud sound toward user’s face and ear’s, which it is loud to user’s ears but not to a intended subject. It blast dangerously loud sound of more than 105 db towards user’s own ears at a distance less than 7”. Also when user blast hard into whistle multiple times, user start to cover their face with their own saliva, due to outdated design. Did you also notice ringing in your ear after the use of whistle, check out the noise level chart from NIOSH. A permanent hearing loss will occurred, according to data chart from NIOSH.

(please see the noise level chart at page 18)


The American whistle company has not changed substantially in the past 40 years. Similarly, Whistle Company's European-style tubular, pea-less police whistle is the same model it has been producing for more than 100 years. The designs are out dated and unsafe for the whistle user. On the other hand, inventor from the HAMMERHEAD WHISTLE changed all by using innovative idea on a whistle to send more powerful sound toward intended subject hearing it and by sending most power band of sound away from user’s ears so it became safer to user, who is using a whistle. Hammerhead whistle is front runner of changing the concept of old whistle system which has not changed for decades.

***Hammerhead whistle are US Patented whistle that are safer and superior than any conventional whistle out on the market today.