We at Hammerhead Whistle LLC apply simple, innovative ideas to better the overall whistle experience for professionals, enthusiasts, and those that are interested in a healthier lifestyle. By choosing a Hammerhead whistle, you are choosing to protect your hearing!

We are committed to constantly making innovative improvements to our products. Our dedication and passion is unrivaled. We put the utmost emphasis of your safety into our designs!

CAUTION: Always wear hearing protection. Hearing loss is permanent and irreversible.

Hammerhead whistle reviews

By P. Hartung (Milwaukie, OR United States): After using the lame metal whistles for so long, I thought I'd see what advancements (if any) had been made that would improve the whole experience. Although there were a couple novel designs that I nearly went for, I was convinced this hammerhead thing would be better because the design forced the bulk of sound forward and away from the one doing all the whistling. Now that I've used it I'm so glad I chose this thing. Not only does it have less side and rearward sound, but its pitch is higher than the typical whistles we use for refereeing. I'd hate to be right in front of this thing during a hard blow.

By Richard A.: This is a great whistle! The odd shape does a lot for the projection of the sound & does a fairly good job of protecting the blower's ears. As the other review says, this whistle has a slightly higher pitch than other whistles I've used, which is really nice. No longer will my whistling be confused for one of the other coaches; when I blow, the kids will know who blew. Would definitely recommend this whistle to others.

Fadamor posts: 1093: Compared to my old ACME Thunderer, I find I finish the game with less ringing of the ears, and so far no one on the crews have complained about not hearing my whistle.

VALJ Posts: 1484 FAN REACTION: +36/-3 Re: Hammerhead Whistle Review Reply #6 on: September 11, 2010, 11:36:04 AM: I agree with Fadamor. My ears haven't been ringing anywhere near as much, and I've been white-hatting (and blowing the whistle a lot more) so far. It definitely could use a mouthguard, and haven't had anyone report trouble hearing the whistle.

Customer Review #11313 By AK Nick Hunts: Family pet. I like how the exit port is pointing away from my ears. This whistle can be blown lightly while in the house, and yet can project while outdoors. This is becoming my go-to whistle for puppy training so far. Definitely would recommend this whistle.

By CLINTON LOVELACE From TX: Owns 5 dogs. Hunts. Family pet. Competes. This is my first time to try this design whistle. My young grandson is working with me, training a dog, and I wanted a smaller yet loud whistle for him. I like the design and weight of this whistle. It is perfect for a young first time trainer, as well as a pro.

Wahoos1Member Joined: Oct 31, 2004

I am kind of a geek when it comes to gadgets. In my professional life I work in the IT field and am somewhat of a geek so that spills over to my reffing like as well. When it comes to trying new things, I like to think I give it a shot. This last week I saw that a new store had opened in a strip mall close to work so I headed over there to see what they had. One of the things that caught my eye was a weird looking whistle called the Hammerhead. It looks like an L and is designed to not propagate the sound towards your ears but rather away from them. Interesting design so I picked one up and used it this past weekend.

The Hammerhead has a pea in it but not the old cork type. It is made of plastic or some sort of rubber and has grooves on it to battle dust and humidity better. I believe it when they say that it moves sound away and the fact that it resists moisture and dust better than a regular pea whistle does. I also liked the sound. It is deeper, distinctive and fairly loud.
Got my Hammerhead ( http://www.bestwhistle.com/ ) . Going to start anew thread as this covers more than one. The Hammerhead is VErrryyyyyy nice. I purchased the pea based "Mighty" type. A much deeper trill. Not so shrill. I really like the tone. And initially I thought it not so loud, but my Check Mate dB meter put it at 112.5 dbs. But it sounded, to my ear, MUCH lower, so the deal of moving the noise away from the ear is real. When I get my others at around the same they are much tougher on the ear. This will be my multiple game whistle instantly. We will see how it grows from there. If you worry about your hearing this looks like the real deal. Ordered Wednesday. Got it Friday....

A new friend of mine asked about the pitch of the whistles.

The Hammerhead had the deepest pitch. It was a CLEAR variant of the rest. The Fox40s were pretty close all around. The Noda had the most variant with least effort.

So, spring season is done and I ending up getting called up all the way through States for boys. Kept working my way through the different style of whistles but ended up with nothing but my Hammerhead. Only thing I could really blow hard for both length of time, and (with pea style) get good modulation without worry about my ears.

Almost hit 100 games this spring. Every bit counts for my old butt.