Innovative improvement is a top priority when we create our whistle. Our goal is to better the whistle experience by putting the safety and convenience of the user first.

  • Our whistles project sound forward and away from the user rather than upwards, directly into the users face and ears.

  • Our whistles create a clearer sound that can be heard at greater distances than the conventional whistle.

  • The deficiency of the conventional whistle has been corrected by Innovative idea.

The Hammerhead whistle's new patented idea has not only fixed the deficiency of the whistle - both pea and pealess - by sending the sound decibels in a forward motion rather than an upward projection into the users face and ears, but it has also proved to send sound waves further for a guarantee to be heard better, clearer, and with less stress on the ears, now at an even greater distance than before!

Protect your hearing and send sound further with a Hammerhead whistle!


The solution to the common pea problem is finally here! The Hammerhead pea design is for professionals that prefer the modulation and tone of the pea whistles.

  • Grooves in the pea help to propel saliva, debris, and other matter out of the chamber

  • Use a pea whistle for a strong tone and excellent modulation

  • Can be used without a problem in wet conditions such as (but not limited to) rain, snow, saliva

  • The Hammerhead pea is designed to work in both wet and dry conditions

  • Waterproof material protects against mold and bacteria

  • No more jamming, no more freezing!

The Pea whistle has always been flawed until now.

Users have always found the peas in their whistles to jam, freeze, or deteriorate quickly under regular use. This is because the peas that are in standard whistles today are made out of corks - or similar moisture-absorbent materials. The wooden cork peas in conventional pea whistles absorb wet agents, such as saliva and moisture in the air, which in turn creates mold. Hammerhead peas are constructed out of materials that fight mold and bacteria.

Hammerhead peas are waterproof, specially weighted, and designed to outlast the competition in any weather condition.

Have you always loved the tone and modulation of a pea whistle, but could never find a whistle that didn't have a pea that jammed? Look no more! The Hammerhead pea is durable and designed to keep up with you, wherever you go.

With this new pea technology, users can finally feel confident when using their whistles - rain or shine!